Here at JustRopes.com we want to encourage our customers to recycle their ropes so we will give anyone a www.JustRopes.com store discount if they ship us their old rope.   Place your old rope in a Medium Flat Rate USPS Box and ship it to our Office address which you can find below.  We will reward you with a store credit of the $10.35 (which should be the cost to ship it to us) + $3.00 (as incentive) for a total of $13.35.  Once we receive the package then you will be rewarded the discount.  Please make sure you put down your contact information and e-mail so that we can get you the discount information.

-To qualify, your rope must be longer then 30M. 

If you have more then one rope:
-We will give a discount of $3 per rope.  Each rope must be 30m or longer.   

Costs of shipping:
-Costs of shipping must be USPS Medium Flat rate box for 1 rope.  If you would like to ship us more ropes then UPS or FedEx ground service (cheapest) is acceptable, however we reserve the right to only refund $10.35 if you should have shipped USPS (2 30m ropes can easily fit in USPS Medium Flat Rate Box). We will not honor any other faster/more expensive method (overnight shipping...etc.) as the point of the program is to help the environment. 

Our Address:

501 Eel River Road
Osterville, MA 02655